Sporting Hartford FC

Founding Partners

Active City is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that young people in Hartford have access to organized and affordable youth athletic programs. We support organizations and programs that serve youth through athletic programing throughout Hartford. Working with community stakeholders, we will transform Hartford into America’s most physically active city for children. These programs will grow and develop their spirit, mind, and body, while fostering relationships between the city’s youth and positive members of our community.


Windsor Community Television (WIN-TV) is a private, non-profit, corporation and was incorporated by  the State of Connecticut in January of 1982. WIN-TV is a  public, education, and government (PEG) cable community access provider.  The Hartford area franchise holder in 1981 was Times Mirror  Communication Inc. and was required, by a franchise agreement with the  Connecticut Department of Public Utilities Control (DPUC), to establish  Community Access Television in each of the six Hartford Franchise towns  once proper wiring passed a sufficient number of homes in each town.